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Flashing blue LEDs

It’s the end of the year, and therefore it’s time for the annual race to spend all my FSA funds before 31 Dec 23:59…

Our Christmas holiday was in Louisville this year; my wife’s family came to us. I put up some pictures (warning: not a permanent link; it will be stale someday).

Google’s Grand Central looks quite interesting. It offers some of the same features as Vonage and some of Cisco’s IP telephony products, but also some others that I haven’t seen before (disclaimer: I’m nowhere near a telecom expert). When/if Grand Central enters the Google product mainstream, I think it could be quite useful for a specific set of use cases. For example, between Tracy and myself, we have 6 phone numbers: land lines and cell phones for each of Tracy’s work, Jeff’s work, and our home. Our families are always confused about which number to call to reach us. It’s not uncommon that they call/text/leave a message somewhere that is not seen for a while simply because we’re not currently watching that phone number / voice mail / text messages. It could be useful to be able to unify all of these for family purposes, for example — we’ll have to see. It will be an interesting balance between privacy, work policies, and home.

I notice that Kaitlyn and Kathryn will eat anything if you put ketchup on it. Including chocolate cake.

There’s been slow progress on a long-standing Adium bug that I filed in Feb 2007. Just today, we discovered that it may be a libpurple bug.

I still hate my Blackjack phone. I repeat this mantra not infrequently because something goes wrong almost every time I use it. The phone locks, bluetooth doesn’t work (or unexpectedly does work), it takes way too many clicks (on a tiny wheel which my big fingers frequently accidentally hit the wrong way) to do common actions, …or one of several other annoying things. The next version of Windows Mobile (v6) may solve some of the problems (the next version always solves everything, right?), but apparently it’s too buggy to deploy, and/or has incompatibilities with some Cisco corporate stuff. Our IT crew is pretty careful about that kind of stuff… Just like Grand Central: we’ll see what happens. ☺

I started [re-]using QuickSilver recently on my Mac. I tried using it long ago but was kinda confused and ended up ditching it. But I found a Google Talk video about QuickSilver recently that was quite helpful in orienting me to the whole zen / philosophy of using QuickSilver, and I’ve been enjoying using it since then. I’m sad to see that there won’t be any more development on QuickSilver; I didn’t quite get the zen of the new stuff that the author is working on (radially navigating pie-shaped wedges — I tried it and found it a bit klunky / hard to navigate, but then again, I think it was quite an early beta).

I’ve been trying out Google Reader over the holidays. It seems useful and allows me to have one central place to keep on top of several periodicals that I’ve previously been following individually (Reader will track anything with an RSS feed). We’ll see if I keep liking it over time.


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I’ve used Google Reader for a while now (> 12 months, probably more than that) as my primary RSS reader. I like it much better than the previous web-based aggregator I tried (bloglines, I think). My favorite feature is the mobile interface, which I use extensively on my train-based commutes. Very handy (pun intended).

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