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SC and whatnot

SC’07 was great fun. I got to talk to lots of people — some new, some old, and some whom I’ve “known” for quite a while through e-mail but have never met before. Those kinds of meetings are always fun — you get to [finally] put a face to a name.

As usual, I also gave about a billion presentations about Open MPI, open source, etc. Since I come from an academic background, I also find those to be quite fun. After one of the presentations, Rich Wellner from the GridGuru blog came up to me to chat about my talk. This talk in particular was about open source and the Open MPI project — why Cisco is participating, how the project works, etc. He invited me to send him the slides from the talk and a few paragraphs for those who didn’t attend.

It took me a few weeks, but I finally got the cycles to do a short writeup and send him the slides. Rich posted them here:

I notice that yesterday, Network World also picked up this entry:

I don’t know if that appeared in the print version or only the online version.


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