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Must be received within 14 days of receipt

I should report back about my entry from last week: I got all my Mac Quicken data imported into Windows Quicken after two important things:

  1. I actually filed a tech support ticket with Quicken (I paid for support, after all…) asking how I’m supposed to migrate my Mac data to Windows. I finally got on the phone with them on Thursday and, after convincing the tech support lady that Win Quicken 2008 would not import the QIF file from Mac Quicken (#$%@#$@!!!!), she put me on hold to check other resources. She came back a few minutes later with a one-time download link for me for Windows Quicken 2004 (which does support importing QIF files). Schwing! So I installed WQ2004, imported my QIF, upgraded to WQ2008, and voila!
  2. Well, not quite. :-) I actually had to run my QIF file through a perl script to scrub it for two things before I imported it:
    • Several account and category descriptions were corrupted (repeatably so — they were corrupted the same way every time I exported the QIF file) such that they contained characters above ASCII 127. I clipped that stuff out.
    • All the years were expressed in 2 digits, so Quicken 2004 imported them as (1900+2_digit_year). Hence, lots of my transactions were dated 1900-1908. Ick. Supposedly you should be able to open the OS X Sys Preferences/International and set the “short” date format to have 4 digits; the MQ2007 QIF export should then use that format (i.e., 4 digit years). But it didn’t seem to work for me — the QIF export always had 2 digit years. [shrug] So I set my perl scripty-foo to convert the years to 4 digits. Then everything imported to WQ2004 fine (and subsequently upgraded to WQ2008 fine).


I’m still getting used to WQ2008; it’s quite different (plus, it’s in Windoze). But it already seems far more powerful than MQ2007.


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