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Your proposal is acceptable

The other night during dinner, Kaitlyn asked if she could have some crackers. Her plate was almost empty, so I said, “Yes, you can have crackers if you have two more carrots.”

She gave me a pouty look.

“I want to have three more carrots!” she exclaimed.

So I thought over her offer. “Ok,” I said slowly. “You can have some crackers after you have three more carrots.”

Kaitlyn ate her three carrots, looking supremely pleased with herself.

The next night (no joke), Kathryn asked for some more milk during dinner. We’ve been working hard on “please” and “thank you” recently, and since Kathryn didn’t include “please” as part of her request, I responded with the typical punishment: “Well, since you didn’t ask nicely, you’ll have to wait 2 minutes. They you can ask again.”

She gave me a pouty look (surprisingly, it’s quite similar to Kaitlyn’s).

“I want to wait five minutes!” she proclaimed.

“Are you sure you want to wait five minutes?” I asked.

YES! FIVE minutes!” Kathryn was very sure of herself.

“Ok, you can wait five minutes and then ask again,” I said.

The expression on her face indicated that she thought she had pulled off a remarkable feat. But the worst was yet to come…

“Is five minutes over yet?” she asked (repeat about 6,000,000 times).

I definitely plan to be there when my daughters buy their first car.


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Jason Zawodny:

Ahh… the ways that kids try to express their control over things without really thinking through the consequences!

Are we really all that different?

That is awesome. We have these same conversations with our three year old Emily. I love kids.

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