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Random bites:

  • I recently saw Pirates of the Carribbean: At World’s End. Wow. Bad. Nowhere near as good as the other two. 20 feet.
  • There’s a hill on I-64 near my home where our van’s XM radio cuts out somewhere around halfway up the hill, and then resumes slightly below the crest of the hill. Befuddling.
  • I discovered recently that OS X Mail.app only applies rules to new mails. This means that if you read a mail on your phone/PDA and the “new” marking is removed, when you eventually fire up your laptop, none of Mail.app’s rules will fire on that message. I find that quite annoying.

Speaking of phones, I still hate my Crapjack… er, Blackjack. A few things have gotten better over time — there’s a new version of Good that a) replaces the broken Credant phone-locking functionality, and Good’s integration with the phone contacts is somewhat better (but still not entirely working, mind you). But it still sucks for many of the same reasons I described in my prior blog entry. I haven’t been brave enough to upgrade to WM6 because it’s a long/complicated procedure and is not supported by my work’s IT department. That just reeks of hanging a “hit me!” sign on my back.

But I am elated to find out that I’ll be able to swap out my Crapjack in February for a new Crackberry… er, Blackberry. Woo hoo! I’ll likely be getting the Bold, as Storm (the new touch screen Blackberry) a) isn’t [yet] supported by my work’s IT department (it may be someday…?), and b) is apparently fairly buggy and in desperate need of firmware v2.0. From everything that I hear, the Bold sounds like a nice enterprise / work phone.

I toyed with the idea of getting an iPhone instead of a Crackberry, but it seems like there’s still too many things missing on it for an “enterprise” / work phone. Even the Mac pundits at work recommended going with the Crackberry. The iPhone is cool and great, but it just doesn’t tie into enough work functionality (e.g., accessing email entails typing in a one-time password to establish a VPN). So… Crackberry it will likely be.

I can’t wait until February.


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I switched to iPhone about six weeks ago, and I like it pretty well. The exchange integration is good enough, though the calendar functionality is limited. Actually, one of my reasons for selecting iphone was that I didn’t need to get my IT department involved to set it up. The blackberry network architecture bugs me a bit, too.

Having a big screen and an iPod in there are just very nice. It’s not perfect but I’m happy with it. If work were footing the bill, I’d be happy with a bold.

I’d write more but I’m typing on my iPhone and the keyboard’s not that good :-)

Ya, I certainly would enjoy the big screen and ipod as well (one less device to carry around…).

But at least with Cisco’s IT setup, I can’t connect to email / etc. without a VPN connection, which is a bit of a PITA (the VPN drops out periodically, so you have to reconnect with a new one-time password, etc.). They’re working on SSL-based connectivity that won’t have this issue, but there’s no ETA on when that will be ready.

There’s a few other issues with it as well (so I’m told); like the storage isn’t encrypted, etc. I could live with most (all?) of the shortcomings… except for the VPN thing. That would just annoy the heck outta me.

Anna Allen:

Ummm, that’s interesting and all, but post something about your kids! ;-)

I love my iPhone, but don’t use it for work. Purely entertainment and personal email. Plus it’s really handy for entertaining the kids during long waits at the dentist. Scary how easily a 3-yr old can operate the touch screen.

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