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Spa-geh-TEE-oes, Spa-gah-TOE-ees -- what's the difference?

Random quickies:

  • Wow did the weather suck this week. Huge ice storm in Kentucky/Louisville this past Wednesday which knocked out power to .25M households. We were one of the fortunate ones; we only lost power for about 12 hours. I know people who still don’t have power back yet. Lots of damage to trees, too.
  • This is the coolest OS X app.
  • Here’s another reason to hate my Windows Mobile cell phone: you cannot lock the keyboard. You can lock the device (meaning that it’ll go to a screen where you have to put in a password to do anything else), but the keyboard remains active. Today, my phone pocket dialed bogus passwords ten times, locking me out of the device. Who the heck thought that not being able to lock the keyboard was a good idea? It’s Feb 1. New cell phone coming soon.
  • The Super Bowl is tonight. Yes, I Tivo’ed it. Yes, we’re only going to watch the commercials (who’s playing, anyway?).
  • Being a quadruple Domer, this is 4x funny to me:


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