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"Verbs" is Greek for "wow, that's complicated"

Random tidbits:

  • We switched to reusable cloth groceries bags at Kroger (vs. paper or plastic bags); they’re awesome. They’re big; they’re strong; the handles are comfortable. Love ‘em.
  • My credit card info got stolen in late January via a data breach at Heartland Payment Systems. Yuck. I don’t even know what I bought that ended up getting processed through HPS — from my understanding, it’s one of those behind-the-scenes mega processing companies. My bank warned me about the theft last week — even before I had noticed a whole pile of bogus Craigslist charges on my card (totaling about $375). I would have noticed them because I update Quicken every weekend (sidenote: Quicken for Mac sucks; sigh — I have to use Windoze Quicken under Parallels). But the fact that my bank caught the bogusness first and a) immediately credited all the charges back to me, b) deactivated my current card, and c) sent me a new card makes me feel somewhat better. More specifically, I didn’t have to suffer through calling my bank and pleading my case, powerlessly hoping that they would understand and believe me. That part was done before I even knew that there was a problem. Yay good guys. Boo bad guys. But it is downright annoying that I now have to go update all the automated billing that uses my old credit card number. Ugh.


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