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Happiness and Sadness

I have my new Blackberry. Happiness!

I have to return my old Blackjack to Cisco for erasing and recycling. Sadness (I cannot just throw it off a roof — or perhaps something even more creative — that would have been happiness).

XM still hasn’t fixed my second radio yet — no XM radio at work since last Friday. More sadness.

XM promised me on Sunday that they would call me back about my second radio, but they hadn’t yet. So I called them today. After sitting on hold for 30+ minutes, I finally got a very friendly and helpful representative. She unfortunately could not do anything to help my second radio not working (apparently it was deactivated off my account — I have no idea why), so she promised — very earnestly — that she would bump this to her supervisor and try very hard to get him to call me back today. I do believe she was honest and genuinely trying to help (and she was actually quite apologetic and sympathetic), but I got the same speech on Sunday. So we’ll see what happens.

Perhaps because she felt bad for me, she bumped me up to a “lifetime” subscription for the Honda-built-in XM radio in our minivan. It was only a few $ more than what I had just paid to renew it for 3 years anyway, so it was a good deal. Let’s hope XM stays in business long enough to make that worthwhile! ☺


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