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XM hates me a little less

So the XM saga is over… at least for now. My XM account has been restored and I can listen to my radio again.

As probably was to be expected, I did not get a call back from my previous call to XM support (despite promises from the helpful XM rep that I spoke to). So I called again today and sat on hold for 30+ minutes. I finally got a rep who re-activated my radio on the spot. He also gave me a month’s worth of credit for my lost time and to cover the rest of my existing subscription that should have been on my account. He also signed me up for 2 more years on my office radio (which is what I tried to do over a week ago).

Why on earth couldn’t the other XM reps that I talked to do that? Why did I have to be offline for over a week? Extremely frustrating / disappointing. ☹


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