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Argyle serving platter patterns

My iMac mightly mouse finally died. May it rest in peace.

By “died,” I mean that the horizontal / vertical scrolling button wheel thingy on the top finally quit working. I’ve read lots about this on the net — I knew it was just a matter of time before mine stopped working. From having cleaned on many trackball mice, I can see how gunk just accumulates in the mechanism and that is probably what makes it stop working. Shrug.

I got a cheapie optical Logitech scroll mouse to replace it. Works fine.

In other Mac news, Anna A. face-dialed me with her iPhone the other day (meaning: it’s like pocket dialing, but with your face. She was on another call, holding the phone up to her ear and talking, and her face pushed enough buttons on the iPhone to call me. Awesome. ☺ )


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Anna A.:

Re: the face-dialing — I’m curious if this is a common problem or just has something to do with my big cheeks. ;-) The really crazy thing was after I got off the phone with you — I was face-emailing Tracy! (no kidding) Just didn’t quite face-push ‘send’.

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