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Keeping the tradition of random quickies…

  • Google Voice is taunting me. I’ve been a GrandCentral user for quite a while (over a year?). Supposedly, GC users were going to be upgraded to GV before the public availability of GV. As such, I’ve been waiting for my GC account to be upgraded to GV. I login every few days and check my messages. It still says “Your account will soon be available for upgrade to Google Voice. Thank you for your patience.” Sigh. Even John S., who got his GC account after I got mine, has been upgraded to GV. But not so for me. “Thank you for your patience.”
  • I’ve co-hosted a bunch of podcasts recently. The series is entitled “Research, Computing, and Engineering.” It’s hosted by Brock P., an HPC system administrator at a large midwestern university (I won’t mention his affiliation because he’s been careful to keep the university out of it, so that we’re a bit more free to do whatever we want). The topics have been able HPC and related subjects; it’s been pretty fun so far talking to a bunch of different people from different kinds of projects. We do a taping about once every 2 weeks.
  • I was on a pair of panels at the OpenFabrics Sonoma 2009 Workshop a few weeks ago. The first panel was on MPI/OpenFabrics topics; the second panel was on challenges of OFED adoption.
  • Open MPI had a brilliant April Fool’s announcement. I might have had a little hand in it. ☺
  • I swear we’ve done more research on which Kindergarden our munchkins will attend next year and Tracy and I did for choosing a college (combined). Whew.
  • PLPA v1.3 was released recently. Yay.
  • Yes, Cisco (the company I work for) is now selling servers. But it’s actually much more than that — lots of companies just sell servers. See the marketing web pages for all the details.


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