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Foil-lined tin hats

I finally had my GrandCentral account upgraded to Google Voice. Woot!

It’s a bit nicer than GC and much more Google-like (its UI is similar to — although not exactly like — Gmail). Some random notes:

  • I lost my custom ring-tone that is played to callers. Bonk.
  • GV transcribes voice mails and SMS/emails them to you. Surprisingly handy.
  • SMS to my GV phone number now works. Woot!
  • …but there’s complications with SMS.
    • I like to have my home phone, work phone, and work cell hooked up to GV for the whole “single number reach” thing (stealing a term from Cisco’s VOIP solution)
    • But since my work phone also has single number reach (paired with my work cell), if someone calls my GV number, then my cell phone effectively rings twice (once because GV is calling it, and once because my Cisco work phone is calling it) — which results in Badness
    • So if I disable my work cell in GV, then my work cell rings once (yay), but then SMS doesn’t work (bonk)

What would be great for GV would be if you could have a cell phone registered that does not receive calls but does receive SMS messages. This would be great for me, and I can imagine that others might want that as well (but probably for different reasons).

I also tried to use my GV phone number to activate a Google App Engine account recently and it didn’t work. I.e.,


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