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Purple snausages

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. It’s partially because I’m devoting blogging time to my professional blog.

In recent news on the home front…

  • My Blackberry Bold spontaneously reboots at least once a week. It’s a little annoying. On my way home from a trip recently, I turned my BB off like a good boy while on a flight. When I got to the destination airport, I turned my Bold back on and it refused to turn on wifi. Very strange. I had to take-the-battery-out-reboot to make wifi work again. I’m still pretty happy with my Bold, but these kinds of things are a little annoying.
  • KK recently started kindergarten. They seem to be adapting well.
  • Notre Dame had their first football game yesterday vs. Nevada and they properly stomped them. Crushed. Squashed. Flattened. It was nice. Hopefully, the Irish can keep up this level of performance throughout the season.
  • Combining the two above items, on Saturday morning before the ND game, I had the following conversation with my daughters:
    • Me: “Do you girls know what’s on TV today?”
    • KK: <mysterious looks>
    • Me: “Notre Dame football is on today! It’s the first game of the season!”
    • Kaitlyn: “I hope Notre Dame loses”
    • Me: “What?!”
    • Tracy (from the next room): “What did your daughter just say?!”
    • Kathryn: “I hope Louisville wins!”
    • Kaitlyn: “Go Cards!”
    • Tracy and I commit seppaku (while we blame this outburst on going to Kindergarten with many other Louisville natives/fans, clearly we have failed as Fightin’ Irish parents. We will need to kick up the propaganda several notches).


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