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239 CDs

We’re moving! The wife has been talking about a bigger house for 3+ years now, so with the housing prices at rock bottom and interest rates really great (for buyers, at least) we finally got off our butts and bought a new home on the other side of Louisville.

This weekend is packing packing packing. As a full-time software developer telecommuter, I have accumulated oodles of random IT equipment over the years (hey, you never know when you’re going to need spare parts!). I was packing up my office today — including The Parts Closet. It was like a trip into the past. Here’s a fun partial list of things that I found in TPC:

  • A surprising number of Palm Products:
    • 7 palm styluses
    • A full pack (minus 1) of palm m100 protector stickers
    • Palm m100
    • Palm Treo
    • Palm Clie
    • Palm 1MB RAM (yes, megabyte) upgrade
  • 239 CDs (yes way!!):
    • Many Windows XP
    • Many Microsoft Works
    • Many Dell reinstall CDs
    • 1 copy of Windows Millenium
    • 4 AOL CDs (some as old as AOL 5.0)
    • Oodles of drivers and “you just bought some IT equipment, so we feel compelled to give you a CD with other random stuff on it” CDs
  • A USB smartcard reader (circa 2001)
  • A 10mb nic with a BNC connector
  • 3 laptop floppy drives
  • 13 floppy disks
  • A microtape answering machine
  • 3 different DSL modems
  • 15 IDE hard drives that I haven’t yet erased and am therefore too paranoid to throw away:
    • The smallest was 9.2GB
    • The largest was 60GB
    • 5 were unmarked; I don’t know what size they were
  • 3 analog phones
  • 5 parallel printer cables (one extra long)
  • 3 PS2 keyboards
  • 14 conference/trade show bags (an I distinctly remember throwing/giving away at least a dozen or so a few years ago — man, those things just creep up on you!)

Ah… good times.

(Oh, and I found a whole box of pictures from undergrad/grad school. Some of you should be afraid. Be very afraid.)


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Jacque Whaley:

hey dude—got the “we’ve moved” post card today. Prompted me to attempt to look you up on Facebook.
Send me a message over email.
Hope all is well.
I would say something about being settled in but I doubt that is a reality for you yet.


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