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September 13, 2003


Actually, a reiteration of an old rule. NO ONE SHALL SPEAK OF THE NOTRE DAME GAME UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THAT I HAVE SEEN THE WHOLE DAMN THING! If you don't know if I've seen the whole thing, ask. Three people today -- and all of these people know that I have Tivo -- essentially told me the outcome of the ND game before I had seen the whole thing. Grrr....

November 10, 2003

Reiteration of repetition

Because of an egregious error this past weekend from someone who should have known better (... _cough cough_ *Rich* _cough cough_ ...), I feel compelled *again* to repeat the standing rule: NO ONE SHALL SPEAK OF THE NOTRE DAME GAME UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THAT I HAVE SEEN THE WHOLE DAMN THING! If you don't know if I've seen the whole thing, ask. Grrr....

December 1, 2003

Rich people need calcium

Hmm. Renzo insists to me that 1) ND's fake punt was a good call, 2) Stanford was as much to blame as ND, and 3) unicorns do exist. While I'm not sure about the third one, he said that Stanford intentionally didn't cover the wide outs, meaning that there were 9 Stanford players rushing 8 Notre Dame blockers. In that kind of situation, the punter and wide outs are trained to pass because otherwise the punt is almost guaranteed to be blocked.

December 9, 2003

It might get lost; you have big ears

"The only good thing that can be said about Notre Dame's 2003 football season is that we screwed USC." - Brian B.

Someone is sending either lots of spam or a virus (I can't tell which -- it's in an Asian language) using my e-mail address as a return address. I'm getting oodles of bounces this morning. So far, no angry "Take me off your list!" messages yet, though.

December 10, 2003

Dissertation news

So I'm finally gonna do it -- I'm going to graduate. I've had long talks with Andy about the exact content of my dissertation, and the first -- extremely rough -- version of it is 166 pages long. I'm sure there will be more, though. :-) There have been a few wrinkles over the past few days; this morning, for example, I discovered that I was no longer a student at Notre Dame (apparently I was dropped sometime while I was deployed last year). That was a bit of a surprise. But the best news that I've gotten all day is that Dr. Stevenson has agreed to be my official advisor at Notre Dame. The "small world" aspect of this is that he was my co-advisor for my Master's -- he was a professor in the Electrical Engineering Deparntment at the time (he's now a joint EE/CSE professor). Woo hoo!

January 28, 2004

Public service announcement

I learned today that there is another CSE grad student at Notre Dame who is currently deployed in the Navy. Best wishes to him and his family.

February 19, 2004

Team Felcher

Stumbled across this on a random web page today:

As for thesis writing advice, the main item is: do not ask around for thesis writing advice. Just write the fucker.
—JEL, 2003

I don’t know who JEL is, but that is certainly sage advice.

February 21, 2004

Lust for Glory

This is from a theme of several years ago, but it’s such a great picture that it’s worth showing…

Engineering: Lust for Glory

In other news, Kevin B. is engaged! Welcome to the club, Kevin. Time to give up the velvet poster of dogs playing poker…

March 5, 2004

Tomorrow's the big day, eh Dave?

It is done. I submitted it. 4:40pm. I can sleep again!

Ok, well, it’s not done done. I still have a little more work on it to go. A few more results to put in, a little more polish on one part of the conclusion, and a million little details that no one will notice except me. Hopefully we’ll be good to go. Yummy!

It’s all tagged in subversion (hah!).

Oh yeah, I’m talking about my dissertation. ☺

Kevin’s pretty close on his dissertation, too. Props to us both!

March 23, 2004

No... ducks hate hunchbacks

This afternoon, I invoked the “make” command 75 times consecutively while working on my dissertation.

March 25, 2004

I wake up, just like you, and put my pants on one leg at a time, just like you. The only difference is, when I wake up, I make gold records.

A few more dissertation-related quickies:

  • Don P. is the greatest ever for having invented the ndthesis Latex class file. I would have been doomed — DOOMED — without it.
  • Latex’s \includeonly{} is your friend. Your really, really good friend.
  • This is the longest friggen’ document that I have ever written by myself. It’s a logistical nightmare! Try writing a highly technical, highly complex 350+ page document and see how hard it is to keep everything consistent. Woof! I can’t even imagine writing this without decent editing tools. Using Word, for example, would have totally — TOTALLY — sucked.
  • Subversion has been an enormous help — I converted my dissertation repository from CVS to SVN a few months ago. With all the results that I had to run, and with the number of files that I had to move/rename/delete, and with all the binary files that I am keeping in the repository, CVS would have sucked. Big time. Subversion rocks.

May 15, 2004

Happiness is the Dome in the rear view mirror

Well, it finally happened, and I have a [pixelated] video clip, some pictures, and [another] diploma to prove it.

I’ve graduated from Notre Dame for the 4th time and have become Notre Dame’s 15th quadruple Domer. Tracy and I went up to ND for the graduation weekend and met my parents there. I ended up having lunch with Maddog and Brandon M. right before the ceremony (Tracy and the AP’s went to the President’s Luncheon, which I couldn’t attend because I had to line up before that lunch was over). The movie clip is a bit rough, but you can see me going across the stage (and Ed right behind me!). There’s also a bunch of pictures from campus in my doctoral garb.

So it’s finally official — I’m now Dr. Squyres.

I think my friends are allowed to call me that once, and that’ll be enough. ;-)

(the title of this entry is something that a Domer friend of mine told me, long long ago)

December 6, 2004


In talking to one of my friends the other day about the current coaching “situation” (ahem) at Notre Dame, she asked me the following question:

Do you have the “out” clause for Notre Dame in your contract?  It’s in mine and I’m padding the resume with lies while I’m waiting for them to call me…

An excellent point! While my friend is currently researching medical solutions for AIDS and other nasty diseases, I think she’d make an excellent first female coach of the ND men’s football team.

October 31, 2005

Useless stat of the day

Notre Dame men’s football is undefeated on Halloween.

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