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July 14, 2000

Super karate monkey death car (SKMDC)

Lumsdaine bought us all "RTFM" t-shirts from How cool is that? (I feel a lab picture coming on...)

Other point of goodness: got reimbursement checks from LBL today for my last two trips (my own fault they took so long, actually -- I never submitted the paperwork until fairly recently. And, with suspiciously relevant timing, I got an e-mail across one of the NERSC mailing lists that "deliquent" reimbusement forms will no longer be accepted... good thing I squeaked in on those two trips before they declared me illegal!).

jjc is getting better all the time (read: I'm fixing bugs as soon as I find them). Those random characters were in this morning's journal? They're now a thing of the past. emacs sending SIGINT's to its parent when you hit C-g? Now safely ignored! But wait, there's more! Er... ok, maybe not. Woo hoo!, anyway (like Yahoo!).

Brian's C++ (yes, it's C++... my first journal entry mistakenly changed "C++" to "C " -- how the hell was I to know that HTTP POST encoding uses + for ?) inilib project is now on SourceForge. Pretty kewl. Actually, that web page is probably pretty empty (so far); the project page can be found here.
Did much cool minime hacking today. Lengthy dissertation entry coming next...

Jimmy James: Macho Business Donkey Wrestler

Learned (i.e., finally implemented) a few things today...

  • As part of a continuning discussion with the guy responsible for the LAM RPM in RedHat, he suggested that I move some of the LAM data files from $(pkgdatadir) to $(sysconfdir). I resisted for a while, because $(pkgdatadir) resolves to ${prefix}/share/lam, which is nicely its own directory. $(sysconfdir) resolves to ${prefix}/etc, which means that we may have some name conflicts with files that are already in that dir. Harumph.

    We discussed/argued this for a little while, but then he played the Linux FHS card, with which I really couldn't argue. So I bit the bullet, renamed our config files to have a "lam-" prefix to guarantee a lack of name conflicts, and changed all the's to use sysconf_DATA instead of pkgdata_DATA. Bummer.

  • But here's the interesting part: one of his points was that he wanted to be able to do "make sysconfdir=/foo/bar all˙˙˙˙" and change various directories at "make" time, not just at ./configure time. This was problematic because I was using AC_DEFINE to set these things in the central lam_config.h at ./configure time.

    My reasoning for this was that this clears up the compile command line a lot -- no additional -D flags are necessary, and various tranlational units can just use the symbolic constants that are in lam_config.h. I still think that I'm right. :-)

    However, there is strength in being able to change such directories at compile time, especially since such behavior is documented in the autoconf docs (arf!). So I removed the relevant AC_DEFINE's from and acconfig.h and added the appropriate -D switches to all the relevant's.

(Typing this, I noticed that I tend to type an ">" automatically after ".h". This is problematic when you're composing in ˙˙˙˙HTML... does this say something Freudian about my mother?)

So I think that I realized this a few days ago when I had my last e-mail with the RedHat guy, but didn't want to admit it ('cause damnit, I'm still right!). But you really can't argue with the Linux FHS, 'cause everyone uses it...

Additionally, I guess this will influence how I hard-code all directory names in future code. <sigh>

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